What is this page for?

This page is where I can answer all the things you have said in my blog! I'm gonna talk to you through this!!

Hi, Hopie Doo!

Hi, there! I'm so glad tha

Hey, Rebecca!

Hey! Thanks for the nice words! I'll have to visit your website!!

Galaria's creator!

This is SO cool!!!!! I actually get to meet the person who made Galaria! I AM GALARIA'S BIGGEST FAN!!!!! This rox! VISIT MY WEBSITE!!!!

Galaria's Creator

Hey, I just have a teeny question! What is the name of the hotdog website? I really need to get it on my  fave sites! THANKS!!!!!

Hey, yeah you're right! I should do that. BUT HOW? He's mean, tough, he's even got his own website!(I think. It might be coming soon.)TELL ME HOW!!!!