Food Fight

Okay, so we all know that nobody's perfect. So don't blame me when I tell you what happened today. I was eating lunch at school today when an orange went flying through the air. That got us all warmed up. So it was a food fight at scholl. And get this. We didn't get caught!!! Luck? YES! I hope you are as lucky as me!:)

Today I went green!!

Since today is earth day, I decided to help by picking up around my home! It was hard work, but I'm glad thaat I helped out to make our world cleaner!!

A hilarious picture

HA! I just love those funny pictures that aren't like bad or anything. The animals are HILARIOUS!!!!

LOL cat is awesome!!!

So, did you hear about the new book of LOL cat colection? It is called I can has cheezburger?!? It is so cool! I got it at Cats and Noble.

My cousins rock!

It's so cool that my cousins Freddy and George are worms! It's so fun because we hang out all the time! My sister thinks it's weird because she says it's "imature". Whatever.

Picture day

Today was picture day. It stunk because my mom made me dress up really nice so I couldn't play football. I hate picture day! My little brother loves it though!